Building Foundations

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Building Foundations. For
those times when I'm feeling frustrated, stuck, lost, a failure, and
simply not knowing where to start again. I must take a moment to reflect
on how strong my foundation is with God. The true reality of life can
and will throw us around, but we have to remember who's in charge.
Building your foundation in God will change your life for the better.
Now, I'm saying it will be easy because it won't. However at the end you
realize what you went through was worth it. Our life experiences will
make us stronger, and overall a better person. Understand that God will
put us through test. One it's because He's testing our trust in Him in a
certain situation; and two because He believes and knows that we are
ready for the next level in our life. Some people say God doesn't hear
me, and that's not true, He does. The thing is YOU are not hearing and
listening to HIM. You want him to solve your problems and answer your
prayers, but yet you won't take five minutes to talk to Him. In order to
hear God you have to accept Jesus, and once you do you will receive the
Holy Spirit. It’s through the Holy Spirit that we are able to
communicate with God, and vice versa. So start today to build your
foundation with God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. I pray that this
message helps someone. Remember God is love, and always smile! :)


  1. Love your photos and more importantly love how you write. Building Foundations...something we all need, especially today!


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