Summer Findings

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Findings. For the first, in a very long time, I'm excited about summer. Why? Well for starters I feel like a completely different person, which is a good thing. Okay, what I mean is that I finally feel like I'm becoming the person that I'm supposed to be. Recently I've had some things brought to my attention about myself by my mentor. One of the main obstacles that were brought to my attention was that I wasn't being kind or true to myself. The reason is, I was always trying to please other people. I discovered that, as humans, when we're trying to please people a little part of us becomes them. Meaning, we tend to lose a little part of ourselves as time goes by. Hearing this definitely took me aback, because all this time I honestly thought that I was being me. But while I was pondering on this thought a light bulb went off, and I could clearly see that I was covering up who I really am. No more, I say, to pleasing other people. Now that doesn't mean be rude, it simply means be you. From now on, the only time I will become someone else will definitely be for acting.

So, yeah I'm excited for summer. This new space that I'm in means new adventures and new findings of self. I am who I am, and why should I hide or change that about me. Being us is what makes us unique in this massive sea I call, "the world". Sometimes the truth may hurt, but its best to find out early on than later in life. I'm going to leave you with this question. What will you find out about yourself this summer? Remember to always smile, and happy findings! :) 

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