Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Game Changer. I’ve done some thinking these past two weeks. My mind was
flooded with heavy thoughts on life. My life, and where it’s going. The most
pressuring one was about my acting career. I started to second guess if I
should continue to pursue my dreams as an actress. Did I make the right choice,
am I studying enough, am I good enough, and did I miss a step or take the wrong
step? These were the thoughts that were swarming through my mind. I’m a firm
believer that a person should follow their dreams. What makes following your
dreams challenging is the process of achieving those dreams. You have the
vision of the end result, but not the vision of how to get there. This is where
faith comes in. I had to stop the way I was thinking because it wasn’t healthy.
It was just bringing negativity in my life. How can you achieve something great
when you’re thinking negative? The answer is… You can’t. For starters, understand
where your dreams come from. They come from God. As I reflected on this, I knew
I had to change some things around. I started by isolating myself from certain
people and environments. Don’t be afraid to isolate yourself because it’s
during this time of isolation that you can truly hear God speak. He wants and
needs our full attention.

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  1. You've got beautiful quotes and writing, i love that - keep going! :)

    Love, Fa
    From The Personal Style Blog


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