I Am More Than My Hair

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First let me start off by saying, “ Who you are as a human being is determined by who you are on the inside, and not by your appearance.” It’s the smaller things in life we often ignore, which means we should be able to recognize the obvious, such as how someone may treat you because of your hair. I have curly hair that I occasionally have to straighten for work. Ahhh, the life of an actress. With all the work it takes to straighten it, I tend to leave it that way for a week or so. Straightening my hair gives me more of a mature look, than when my hair is curly. Now here’s my situation: I’m at work with my hair straightened, and for me, it's just another day at work. I quickly noticed that people treated me differently than they have in the past. I began to ponder on why the indifference in treatment. My observation was that I was given attention, more so than usual. Everyone paid attention to me. However, the same people wouldn't give me a second look when my hair was styled in its natural state of curls. It took a moment for me to grasp onto what was happening. I didn’t think people would really treat someone differently based off of their appearance, let alone their hair. That’s an insane reason to treat people according to how they look. Once I realized what was happening, I took notice but did not react. Instead, I decided to write about it.  One of the many things my parents taught me was to treat people how I wanted to be treated. I share this story to say, “ It's that person's soul and spirituality that makes them who they are and not their skin color, hair, makeup, clothes, walk, or the way they talk.” I hope you keep this in mind before you begin to talk to someone because of whatever your reason may be. Remember that we are all different for a reason. Have a great day!
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