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Monday, November 14, 2016

Everyone loves to hear a good story. Especially if it's true, inspiring, and a story that opens up a new perspective. My earliest memory of being told someone's life story, besides my parents, of course, was my grandmother. Her stories captivated me from the beginning. Mainly - because of the generational gap between us. What she endured during her time may be different from mines, but the life lesson can still be applied.  She would tell me about her experiences as a young adult, her life adventures, challenging decisions she had to make, and life lessons she learned along the way. The beauty of my grandmother's stories was that she wasn't ashamed to share the ugly side of it. And, by her sharing, her story helped me understand her as a person. See our life experiences mold us into the people we are and will become. You shouldn't wear your life's journey as shame or regret but view every experience as a small component of who you are. No matter the experience you learned something that you either will or will not do again. What we may consider a negative or challenging part of our life. Someone else would see it as bravery. All because you got through it.
Bravery will empower someone else to get through their tough days. My advice to you is to share your story. I know, at times we may think,  “Who will understand me?” Or “No one will understand me.” But you will never know if you don't try. Besides, someone might surprise you and see things from your perspective for once.

Thank you for Reading!
Remember to smile, and be Purposely You! ๐Ÿ˜€
By: Racquel Bianca John

Photographer : Pam 

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