How many times have you ignored that “I have a bad feeling about this” feeling? Or, After a situation happens and you say “something told me.” Well, that so-called “something” is what we need to pay attention to, but many times we don’t. We quickly become distracted by our situations which muffles that inner voice we need to hear. That inner voice is our spirit, and our spirit is what will keep us on the right path in life. But, we prolong our journey to our destination when we don’t listen to our spirit. 


Many times I’ve ignored that “inner voice,” and paid the consequences for not listening. When I didn’t listen, I realized that I would run into a repetitive cycle with certain situations. It would continue to happen until I found the lesson that I needed to learn, and mustered up the courage to make a decision. During this repetitive cycle, I began to lose sight of my purpose, and I felt confused about where I was in life. There was this block over me, which clouded my vision to see what God wanted me to see. 


I had to learn how to pay attention to what my spirit was telling me, by quieting the noise of my circumstances. Once I muted the noise, I was able to see past the circumstances that were in front of me. Which gave me the ability to regain vision not only for my purpose but for any situation that could arise. You feel strength, light, peace, and a sense of belonging once you start to listen to your spirit. So, no longer ignore that “inner voice” of yours. Listen to it and grow with purpose. 

Thank you for reading! 
Remember to smile, and be Purposely You!
By: Racquel Bianca John 

Dress: Vintage
Tank Top: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Kelly & Katie 

Photographer: Pam John 

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