Powered by Purpose

Happy New Year Everyone! Let this year bring a consistent follow of happiness to every aspect of your life. May you truly discover and understand the meaning of self-love, and live each day with purpose. Have a blessed and happy 2018! 

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It’s so profound how every new years day there's an electric feeling in the atmosphere that makes you feel like you can do anything. I’ve noticed that this is one of the only times that we forgive ourselves and allow ourselves to start over. The feeling of a new start is the closest thing to feeling like you’ve been reborn. Which will enable you to have a positive perspective on your life, and to have confidence in yourself that you haven’t felt in a while. But as the year goes on we lose sight of the goals and no longer can remember that feeling. So the real question is, how do we hold on to the “possible” when we are faced with what seems like the “impossible?” 

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The “possible” reflects our desires (the dream), and the “impossible” reflects our reality (the tests). We battle between the two throughout, not just the year, but our life. That was the case for me for many years, but during 2017 I learned many things about myself which prepared me for this year. Now I can go into this year not repeating the same battle that I have been because I understand the power of purpose. For me to understand the power of purpose, I had to find out who I was and allow myself to live. When you free yourself from years of pain and what people have said to you, you permit your purpose to take over and guide you through your life.

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Think of your purpose as an engine that keeps you moving. Having an understanding of your purpose will power you through those difficult times and help you see your life from a different perspective. Also, it’ll help keep that electrifying feeling that you feel at the beginning of every new year in your spirit. Take full advantage of this fresh start that's been granted to you. Not only because its a new year but because you woke up to see another day. Let this year be the year that you finally win the battle of the impossible. Remember that you are strong, and anything is possible because your life is powered by purpose. 

Thank you for reading! 

Remember to smile, and be Purposely You! 

By: Racquel Bianca John 


Coat: Forever 21 | Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Kelly & Katie 

Photographer: Pam John