Switching Gears

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Our mind is mighty, but yet it can be weak. We have the power to think positive things about our life, but when we’re tested by life, our mind begins to think otherwise. Isn’t that interesting? How one moment we can feel empowered of the good we can see in our lives. Then, the next our vision adjust itself just to see our reality. I’m quite fascinated by this. I’ve struggled with keeping an upbeat mindset throughout my life when what I was facing showed no silver lining. All the odds seemed to be up against me, and I couldn’t see how to fight back, until one day I figured it out. 

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We will never know the specific time or date to the fruition of the visions God has given us. What we can hold on to and remember is that everything and situation are temporary. So if your current situation seems to have no silver lining, try to find the lesson in it. Figure out what God is trying to get you to see and understand in this moment of your life. I do believe that there is one universal lesson to all situations and that is to build strength. You have to make sure that what you are about to receive is being built on a strong and stable foundation. For if it's not, it will fall through your hands. Its time to switch gears and ready your mind and spirit for the greatness that is to come. 

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I do believe that you will know when you’re getting closer to your breakthrough (leveling up). Just as much as you can feel that breakthrough coming, you will feel defeated, but know that it's only temporary. Every day you will wake up and have to fight to view life from a different perspective. However, practicing seeing life in a positive way will help you have a better mindset towards life, and ultimately you will attract the vision to you. You will build strength and learn not to compare your life and situations to that of others. For your life can only be lived by you. Eventually, you will no longer have to fight to see life positively because you know now that situations are temporary. All you can and need to do is keep moving forward with your purpose in mind. 

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Remember to smile, and be Purposely You! 😁

By: Racquel Bianca John 

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