Where I've Been

First, let me say thank you to everyone who visited the site during my time of absence. I truly appreciate everyone’s support even when I don’t post. Now, I know I’ve been a ghost on here for a minute, but I just needed a break. I didn’t go on a lavish trip somewhere to reconnect with myself, although that would’ve been amazing and something I should plan for the future. Instead, I took a break from all social media platforms to focus on what I wanted, which involved exploring my feelings. 

WhereI'veBeen 2.jpg

Last year, on my YouTube channel, I mentioned how I learned that I needed to stop suppressing and running from my feelings and just face them. Even with making that discovery I found myself slipping back into my old habits of “running.” I’d rather run from my emotions than face the feeling of being uncomfortable, even though I knew I needed to change. If you ever find yourself falling back into old habits then its time to take a closer look at the patterns of your ways. I noticed that when certain feelings that I was experiencing weren’t dealt with, they would send me on an emotional roller coaster that kept me from being productive. The one thing I dislike the most is not being productive. 

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After trying a couple of methods to help me address and release my feelings, I finally figured out two ways that helped. The first method is, to talk it out. I find this to be effective especially when what you’re dealing with involves another person. You’re able to ask questions and get clarification on things you didn’t understand. Method number two, writing or journaling as we all know it. This one is fascinating. For me to see what I'm feeling written out on paper helps me dissect and understand exactly whats going on. Which creates an efficient way to help me make progress in self-growth. 

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I’ve been trying both methods lately, and they’ve been working for me thus far, and what a relief that it's working. Life doesn’t always grant us the time we need to pay attention to whats going on with us on the inside. Which means we have to make the time for ourselves and study who we are and why we operate the way we do. We owe it to ourselves to do so. If anyone has more useful tips on dealing with emotions, please share, I would love to read them. 

Thank you for reading! 

Remember to smile, and be Purposely You! 😁

By: Racquel Bianca John 

Photographer: Alex D. Rogers