Clean Slate

Each day, for me, is like a rebirth, which means I don't have to wait until next year to be a better me. A new day gives me the opportunity to start over and have a clean slate. Life can get pretty hectic and very overwhelming at times.

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Growth Spurt

When I was a child, I remembered running into my parent's room for a  measuring tape. Just to see if I had grown any from the day before. Each year I would hope that I was getting closer to my mother's height, but of course never quite getting there. All while secretly wishing that one day I would be taller than her.

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SoulBy Racquel JohnSoul, Mind, Notes, Life
Share Your Story

Everyone loves to hear a good story. Especially if it's true, inspiring, and a story that opens up a new perspective. My earliest memory of being told someone's life story, besides my parents, of course, was my grandmother. Her stories captivated me from the beginning.

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